Ancient City Soccer Club Recreational Program Rules

Ancient City Soccer Club operates underneath Florida Youth Soccer Association and the United States Youth Soccer Association.  All Rules are based on FYSA and USYSA recommendations.  Small sided games are utilized to maximize the number of touches each player gets on the ball.  Ball mastery at younger ages is paramount to each child's continued enjoyment of the game at later ages.    


Age Group Number of Players Ball Size 

Length of Game

Goalkeepers Throw-Ins Offsides
U5/U6 3 v 3        3 8 minute quarters         No       No      No
U7 4 v 4       3 10 minute quarters         No       No      No
U8 5 v 5       3 12 minute quarters         Yes       Yes*      No
U9/U10 7 v 7       4 25 minute halves         Yes       Yes      Yes**
U11/U12 9 v 9       4 30 minute halves         Yes       Yes      Yes
U13 and older 11 v 11       5 35-45 minute halves         Yes       Yes      Yes
U19 Rec 7 v 7       5 45 minute halves         Yes       Yes      Yes


*Improper throw ins are retaken with an explanation from the referee on how to execute the technique properly.

**Offsides is called by the center referee to the best of their ability- there are no assistant referees at U10, if the center referee can see it, he/she will call it.  If they can't tell, they will let the game play. 


-Shin guards are required at all practices and games.
-Soccer socks must be worn over the shin guards.
-Soccer cleats are required.