Coach's Corner

Our coaches play a vital role in the development of the youth in our club and our community. While an important objective for our coaches is to develop soccer players, of even more importance is the opportunity for each coach to shape the lives of his or her players. It is these individuals that are the backbone of the club. Their sacrifice and dedication make youth soccer in St. Johns County possible. 

With vast changes in the way that soccer is approached, coaches can no longer rely on solely utilizing outdated methods of training. Here at Ancient City Soccer Club we strive to be on the cutting edge of coaching and player development. Gone are the days of running sprints for fitness and focusing on X’s and O’s in an effort to win at all costs. We look to create a positive and enjoyable experience for each child while challenging them to improve in their technical skills with the ball and their tactical understanding of the game at an age appropriate level.

Coaches, please utilize the available information and articles as they are here for you. Continue to check back as new information will continue to be posted. Thanks again for all of your hard work!