U19 Guidelines

Framework for Player Development

Soccer Definitions:

-Technique/Technical: A player’s ability with the ball, a certain skill set (dribbling, passing, shooting, receiving).  
-Tactics/Tactical: Decision Making (both individual decision making and group decision making).
-Dribbling: The art of keeping the ball close to you as you run or walk.
-Receiving: Settling, stopping, or directing the ball as it comes to you.


U19-Development/Refinement of Positional and Team Play
Fulfillment of a player’s potential depends on his or her own efforts, the support of his/her teammates and the unselfish guidance of his or her coach. He/she must be exposed to a playing and training environment, which extends his/her mental, physical and technical capabilities to the limit. He/she must have a sound understanding of the game’s principles and concepts. Players should show emotional stability when confronted with pressure situations. Demanding and Challenging training sessions and matches are a must!!!
COACH:         Charismatic; Well Informed; Up to Date; Experienced; Articulate;
Disciplinarian-No Doubts about who is in Charge; Managerial Know How
TECHNIQUE: Mastered Skill Leading to Artistry. All at Speed under Match Conditions.
 Individual Skill Covered during warm-up
TACTICS:      Increase Tactical Speed (Decision making).
Increase Pressure and Competition
Team/Functional- Understanding the Three Lines in the Team and their Collective
Attacking        Possession with a Purpose
Combination Play with Tactical Implications
Penetration with Variety, Creativity and Disguise
Counter Attack
Wide/Flank Play
Target Play and Creating Chances
Crossing under Pressure with Proper runs into the Box
Set Plays
Defending       Zonal marking & Man marking with Sweeper Behind
Pressing as a Unit in Different 1/3’s
Set Plays
PHYSICAL:  Flexibility Work Before and After Practices and Games
Agility-With and Without the Ball
Endurance-Aerobic and Anaerobic
Strength-Upper and Lower Body
Nutrition-Proper Diet-Pre-Game, Post-Game. Tournaments, etc…
Care and Prevention of Injuries
Care of their Own Bodies. e.g. toenails, shower, sleep, footwear
MENTAL:      Increased Concentration
Leadership/Increased Player Responsibilities
Respect for the Game/Opponents
Self-Confidence/Self Motivation-Goal Setting
Mental Imagery
Fighting Spirit-Will to Win
Encourage to Watch High Level Soccer