U16 Guidelines

Framework for Player Development

Soccer Definitions:


U16 Development of Skill and Group Tactics
This is a critical time in a player’s development. Many stop playing due to other interests, lack of success, shortage of playing opportunities, poor coaching or other interests. Players tend to be mentally tougher and more self confident but with a need for attention, security and further nurturing. There is a need for team spirit, leadership and discipline within the team.
COACH:         Charismatic; Experienced; Knowledgeable; Articulate; Disciplinarian;
Managerial Know How; Thoughtful Communicator
TECHNIQUE: Skills should be mastered leading to artistry. Technique should be
trained on the move, done at speed and all with opposition. Strike balls cleanly and maturely over distance with accuracy and pace and all under pressure.
TACTICS:      Increase Tactical Speed (decision making)
Group 3V3, 4V4, 5V5, 7V7
Attacking        Keep Possession but with a Purpose-e.g. Direction
Combination Play and 3rd Man Runs
Crossing with Pressure and Proper Runs into the Box
Set Plays
Defending       Pressure-Cover-Balance
Tracking Back
Communication (how, efficient)
Hunting the Ball and Winning Back Possession
Set Plays
PHYSICAL:  Flexibility-Before and After Training/Games
Agility-With and Without the Ball
Speed Work
Endurance-Aerobic and Anaerobic
Strength-Upper and Lower Body
Nutrition-Proper Diet-Pre-Game, Post-Game, Tournaments, etc…
Prevention and Care of Injuries
MENTAL:      Increased Concentration, Goal setting, and Relaxation Techniques
Leadership/Player Responsibilities
Respect for the Game/Opponent, Watch High Level Matches


-Technique/Technical: A player’s ability with the ball, a certain skill set (dribbling, passing, shooting, receiving).  
-Tactics/Tactical: Decision Making (both individual decision making and group decision making).
-Dribbling: The art of keeping the ball close to you as you run or walk.
-Receiving: Settling, stopping, or directing the ball as it comes to you.